Den Of Geek – “Shadows Of The New Sun” Review

Den Of Geek – “Shadows Of The New Sun” Review

Gerri Mahn writes a wonderful little review of “Shadows of The New Sun” over at Den Of Geek.  She touches a bit on each short story and gives Wolfe some delightful praise. Go read it.

100 Word Review of The Book of the New Sun

The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe - book covers

Fans of science fiction, with two weeks of glorious vacation reading time before them, could do much worse than pick up The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

This four-novel series follows Severian, an exile from the guild of The Seekers of Truth and Penitence (ie, torturers and executioners) as he pursues his picaresque and ultimately momentous destiny on an earth so far in the future the sun is burning out.


Peter Galen Massey’s 100 word review of  “The Book of the New Sun”.

Review of Home Fires

Lawrence Person has written a good review of Gene Wolfe’s upcoming novel “Home Fires.”  He gives you a basic idea of plot and characters without giving anything important away.  It’s a good overview if you want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you pick up the book.  “Home Fires” is due out January 18, 2011.  Thanks Lawrence!

Review of The Sorcerer’s House has a great review, by Stefan Raets, of Gene Wolfe’s upcoming novel “The Sorcerer’s House.”  The Book is due out on March 16th and it sounds like it won’t disappoint.  

Review on

The Washington Post did a small review on, “An Evil Guest.”  Not the longest review I’ve seen but Edward Champion reviews about five different books at once in a Science Fiction and Fantasy Roundup and gives us a small taste of them all.