Marc Aramini and James Wynn Discuss the Long/Short Sun on ReReading Wolfe Podcast

I admit when I first read The Book of The Long Sun I had not yet read The Book of the New Sun, so all of the parallels between the two stories were lost to me. It was one of the first Wolfe books I picked up after The Knight and so consequently I haven’t read it in well over 10 years. I still recall thoroughly enjoying it (enough to name my blog here after a couple of the characters) but it hit me while listening to James and Marc hash out the plot mechanics of the stories that it is well past time to pick up The Books of The Long and Short Sun again for a reread (oh how I wish they were on audible). My Gene Wolfe rereading experience has only occurred recently in the past few years. I’ve now been through New Sun about 4 or 5 times and reread Latro in The Mist for the second time only just last year. I have also been making my way through the audio versions of The Wizard Knight books this winter. Other than that, I still have a lot I need to give a second and third read through.

Rereading Wolfe is pretty paramount to understanding his work and it’s always a rewarding experience so to have waited this long is probably strange to most Wolfe fans but my strange habit of not rereading books is probably best left for another post. Instead, I wanted to bring all this up to say that not having the New Sun under my belt before diving into the Long Sun caused me to miss a lot of connections between the two. So, listening to the latest episode of the ReReading Wolfe Podcast left me with an urgent desire to get another read of the Long & Short Sun books completed. It also left me floored by all of the things I missed during my initial read of them. It’s a pretty mind-blowing listen. So, If you’ve only really read the Urth Cycle on a surface level or if your interested in probing the story’s depth on a new level it’s worth listening to the conversation James and Marc have on the ReReading Wolfe Podcast.

BotNS on Alzabo Soup

If you haven’t yet heard, the guys at Alzabo Soup are pointing the attention of their podcast at Gene Wolfe’s The Book of The New Sun. It sounds like they’ve put a lot of work into planning this one and it’s quite exciting to see it come to fruition for them. I’ll be tuning in for sure as their dive into other books have been both insightful and entertaining.

Alzabo Soup Podcast

I’ve recently started listening to a new Wolfe themed podcast called Alzabo Soup that I’ve found both enjoyable and insightful. The hosts of the show, (Phillip and Andrew) keep the show light-hearted and fun while diving deep into their interpretations of Wolfe’s work. Currently, they’re covering one of my own personal favorites, “The Sorcerer’s House,” so it’s been a personal treat to hear what they’ve come up with.

It’s always exciting to see other people not just enjoying Wolfe’s work but giving back to the community of Wolfe fans out there. If you’re a fellow Wolfe fan then definitely give them a listen. Pick up a copy of “The Sorcerer’s House” if you haven’t already read it and follow along, emailing your own ideas and interpretations to them. It’s good to see these kinds of projects out there and definitely worth supporting.

StarShipSofa No 251 Features Gene Wolfe

StarShipSofa No 251 Gene Wolfe

August 15, 2012 by Tony C. Smith


Coming Up

Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 01:20

Main Fiction: King Rat by Gene Wolfe 33:50

First Chapters: Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton 01:09:00

Narrator: Matt Cowens

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Gene Wolfe is featured on today’s StarShipSofa release!

New Gene Wolfe Podcast and Forum

A couple of new things to share today.  First off is a Between the Cover Podcast interview with Gene Wolfe.  The interview is done by John J. Miller and is, as almost every interview with Mr. Wolfe, an insightful one that glimpses into his life and personal interests.  

The other item of interest is a new forum called “Useful Phrases” that is dedicated entirely to discussing Gene Wolfe’s work and life.  It’s always great to see new additions to the Gene Wolfe online community.  If you want to be involved simply go to the site, make a quick account and start posting.  

Both of these sites have added to the new Hoof & Hide repository of links.  Very soon I’ll have some new updates involving the resources page and upcoming Twitter updates!