Gene Wolfe’s Peace Will Leave You Anything But Peaceful

“If that sentence is enough to convince you, stop reading now and go pick it up. You’ll be richly rewarded. If not, let me say this: Peace is a novel that will sneak up behind you and scare the bejeesus out of you. Not as a shocker or a slasher, but as a creeper. It falls on you like a shadow, it crawls up your skin like goose bumps. It is the slow dread of dawning comprehension. Peace will spook you because you’ll be the one figuring it out. Like Pinhead’s puzzlebox, once you read Peace you’ll find yourself drawn back to it, fiddling with it, reflecting on what you read until it all clicks into place and you understand.”

A wonderful write up by Mordicai Knode on, on one of Gene Wolfe’s less talked about novels.  Visit the link for the complete post.

Tor Books to drop DRM on entire catalog of e-books | Crave – CNET


The cover for “Peace” is being shown on CNET’s website as an example of one e-book title that is having its DRM dropped by Tor Books.  Read the article HERE.