Michael Andre-Driussi To Publish Long Sun Guide

The man who helped us unravel some of the mystery behind the Books of the New Sun with his “Lexicon Urthus” will soon be doing the same for the Books of the Long Sun and Short Sun with his newest publication “Gate of Horn, Book of Silk: A Guide To Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the Long Sun and the Book of the Short Sun.” 

Michael Swanwick has had the opportunity to preview a copy, and even gives us a small taste of it on his blog, Flogging Babel.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy when it’s finally released!  


Lexicon Urthus Released

Thanks to the god’s of retail blessing me with the opportunity to work a tax free weekend holiday I’m a tad late in posting this (where’s a sacred window when you need one, right?).  August 1st saw the release of the second edition of Sirius Fiction’s Lexicon Urthus.  

Judging by the price the original Lexicon sells for used the hard cover is certainly worth picking up over the paperback if you’re not strapped for cash.

Lexicon Urthus Soon

In a post from the Lexicon Urthus Google Group Michael Andre-Driussi announces that the second edition of Sirius Fiction‘s Lexicon Urthus will go on sale August 1st of this year.  Its a good year for Wolfe books with his new one out in September and the recent publication of Memorare in hard back.  I’ve been waiting for the republishing of the Lexicon for some time now since the out of print one is going for around $300 for a good used copy.