GURPS: New Sun

Finding a copy of Michael Andre-Driussi’s Lexicon Urthus may be difficult since it’s been out of print for almost 5 years now. You’ll be dropping almost $200 for a used version. The good news is that Sirius Fiction plans on a printing a second edition. The bad news is that it won’t be out until maybe 2009. So where do you find some good info on Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun until then? Well it still involves buying a used book but for a lot less money. The Generic Universal RolePlaying System (or GURPS) is a fantastic set of rules for running a good pencil and paper Roleplaying Game that was created by Steve Jackson and it just so happens that they publish a rule book for running your GURPS game in Gene Wolfe’s New Sun world. Here is where it gets good. The book was also written by Michael Andre-Driussi and only costs around $10. Now it’s by no means the Lexicon Urthus but it is full of a lot of great information concerning the Books of the New Sun, Long Sun and Short Sun. It discusses anything a gamer would need to set up and play an RPG in the New Sun world including information on various races, moments in history and the many different places we’re introduced to in Wolfe’s books. If you play GURPS it’s a great suppliment and if you don’t, well, it may be worth having for your Gene Wolfe collection. I know I enjoyed flipping through it.