A Gallery of Favorite Mermaids


Seawrack from “On Blue’s Waters” appears in a Gallery of Favorite Mermaids on Tor.com. Always cool to see Gene Wolfe make these fun little lists.

A Gallery of Book Covers

I started working on a flickr.com gallery of various covers from books written by and about Gene Wolfe.  So far I have around 51 images including a selection from other countries and in multiple languages.  As of now it’s still in a sort of “beta” format but it does work and is fun to browse.  Please feel free to email any new book covers, links to book covers or any suggestions or comments you may have to hoofandhide@gmail.com.  Also, if you have a flickr account I’d be happy to add you as a contact to the Hoof&Hide gallery.  You can view the gallery by clicking on the book image on the side bar of this blog or by visiting http://www.flickr.com/photos/hoofandhide.