An Evil Guest, Cover and Release Date

According to it’s page, “An Evil Guest” is due out this year on the 16th of September.  The cover looks fantastic and Wolfe gave a bit of info about the story to SCI FI Wire back in February of 2007.   

An Evil Guest, a novel-in-progress set in the same milieu as “Memorare,” also deals with freedom, Wolfe said. “Cassie Casey becomes a queen and discovers that she can no longer buy anything,” he said. “Each dress, each pair of shoes she wants, is given to her. William Reis can make gold and become invisible; one of his employees is a werewolf who will gladly kill (and eat) anyone Reis wants killed (and eaten). Gideon Chase is, well, Gideon Chase. A wizard, almost human, and so slick he can slide up a flagpole. Laws and societal restraints mean little to him. He loses a leg, but in a way he is freest of all.” 

It sounds fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading it.