A Gallery of Favorite Mermaids


Seawrack from “On Blue’s Waters” appears in a Gallery of Favorite Mermaids on Tor.com. Always cool to see Gene Wolfe make these fun little lists.


100 Word Review of The Book of the New Sun

The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe - book covers

Fans of science fiction, with two weeks of glorious vacation reading time before them, could do much worse than pick up The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

This four-novel series follows Severian, an exile from the guild of The Seekers of Truth and Penitence (ie, torturers and executioners) as he pursues his picaresque and ultimately momentous destiny on an earth so far in the future the sun is burning out.

read more at petergalenmassey.com

Peter Galen Massey’s 100 word review of  “The Book of the New Sun”.

Hoof & Hide is Moving To Posterous

I’ve made some big changes recently and will be permanently  moving Hoof & Hide from wordpress to Posterous.  To make the change easy I’ve registered the domain name Hoofandhide.net.  I’ve grown very fond of Posterous and am looking forward to continue updating Hoof and Hide through that service!


LINK:  Hoof & Hide

Science Fiction Is A German Shepherd

A good pal of mine pointed me to a great Gene Wolfe interview done by Josh Wimmer for io9.com.  Gene talks about his new book "Home Fires" and the magic behind writing "near future" science fiction stories.  I have to say it's one of the best interviews I've seen with Wolfe and really has me excited about reading his new book.  

Cassie Casey’s Song

Here’s something really cool I saw on the Urth mailing list today.  It’s a blog posting by a liturgical musician who is good friends with Gene Wolfe.  He writes about Wolfe using some of his lyrics in “An Evil Guest.”  It’s a really great read.  You can read it here. On a side note this link just happens to be the 100th entry to the Hoof&Hide Magnolia group.


Oh yeah!  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The Art Department: a blog

Irene Gallo the Art Director for Tor/Forge books since 1994 and Starscape books since it’s launch in 2001 has her own blog that features a lot of good science fiction and fantasy cover art including the occasional cover art for some of Gene Wolfe books. So be sure to add The Art Deparment to your favorites list.

Hoof & Hide a Gateway to Gene Wolfe Resources

The first few pages are up with links to a variety of great online resources that review, discuss and anaylize author Gene Wolfe. A few other pages are still under construction but readers can now begin to use this site as a gateway to information on Wolfe and his works. Thanks for visiting and more to come.