January Updates

Some good Wolfe activity this month:


Tor Books to drop DRM on entire catalog of e-books | Crave – CNET


The cover for “Peace” is being shown on CNET’s website as an example of one e-book title that is having its DRM dropped by Tor Books.  Read the article HERE.

What Gene Wolfe Expects of His Readers

Michael Andre-Driussi has published a new article on irosf.com in which he uses The Urth of the New Sun to shed some light on the many mysteries that shroud The Book of the New Sun.  As with everything Michael writes it’s an enjoyable and enlightening read.  Just reading it myself has me wanting to pick the Urth Cycle back up for another go.

Article by John Farrell

I added a new article link to the articles page. John Farrell wrote “The Distant Suns of Gene Wolfe” and it’s available for reading on Firstthings.com. Hopefully it remains a permalink.