Review on

The Washington Post did a small review on, “An Evil Guest.”  Not the longest review I’ve seen but Edward Champion reviews about five different books at once in a Science Fiction and Fantasy Roundup and gives us a small taste of them all.

Sci Fi Wire Interview & WindyCon

Great new interview with Wolfe on Sci Fi Wire about “An Evil Guest” and he happens to give away the names of his next two books towards the end.  Also, I hear he will be attending the 35th WindyCon on November 14-16th as well.

Cassie Casey’s Song

Here’s something really cool I saw on the Urth mailing list today.  It’s a blog posting by a liturgical musician who is good friends with Gene Wolfe.  He writes about Wolfe using some of his lyrics in “An Evil Guest.”  It’s a really great read.  You can read it here. On a side note this link just happens to be the 100th entry to the Hoof&Hide Magnolia group.


Oh yeah!  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

An Evil Guest Cover Change?

Looks like the cover to Gene Wolfe’s upcoming book, “An Evil Guest” has had it’s cover changed from this to this.  I suppose the question at hand is if the “original” cover was ever meant to be the cover at all.  Personally I like the style of the first cover a little better but the new cover is probably better for a good Lovecraftian story.  Speaking of Lovecraft covers Mike Mignola did an excellent one for a new printing of a collection of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft.  I’d like to Mignola do a cover for Gene Wolfe book some day.