A Kindle of Wolfe

Last week Amazon.com announced the newest version of their Kindle eBook reader.   Being curious as to how many Gene Wolfe books were available for the Kindle I did a quick search and I have to say it was more than I expected (it was also exciting to see Michael Andre-Driussi’s 2nd Edition Lexicon Urthus available as well).   Still, the entire selection of Gene Wolfe books available for the Kindle are all books that are still in print.  My personal belief is that eBook Readers should be used as an inexpensive way to revive all of those out-of-print books that have become difficult to put one’s hands on.  All that being said, I wanted to highlight a beautiful feature on the Amazon.com website that allows the viewer to request certain titles be made available for the Kindle.  All you have to do is click on the I’d like to read this book on Kindle link located on the left side of the book page you’ve pulled up on Amazon.com and it will inform the book’s publisher you’d like to see this title available for the Kindle.  I imagine if enough requests go through than more titles will be made available.  Even though there are plenty of used printed copies of Wolfe’s work available in used bookstores across the globe it would still be nice to access to so many of his out-of-print titles in an easy to buy and download format that fits nicely on one easy to carry reader.

A Year of the Solar Cycle

John KlimaChristopher Rowe, Mark Teppo and William Shunn have started the Gene Wolfe Book Club with the goal to read one book from Wolfe’s Solar Cycle a month and discuss them.  If you’ve been wanting to read or reread any of these books now might be a great time to join them in their New Year’s Resolution.

A Quiet Couple of Months

There hasn’t been a lot of news coming down the pipes lately.   However, the mailing list has been full of a lot of great conversations and if you haven’t subscribed to it yet then head on over to Urth.net and sign up.  Everyone does a great job of answering questions and keeping the conversation rolling.  If you like to dissect Wolfe’s books than it’s certainly worth signing up for.

On a side note, I’ve always wondered where this mysterious page on urth.org came from.

Review on Washingtonpost.com

The Washington Post did a small review on, “An Evil Guest.”  Not the longest review I’ve seen but Edward Champion reviews about five different books at once in a Science Fiction and Fantasy Roundup and gives us a small taste of them all.

Cassie Casey’s Song

Here’s something really cool I saw on the Urth mailing list today.  It’s a blog posting by a liturgical musician who is good friends with Gene Wolfe.  He writes about Wolfe using some of his lyrics in “An Evil Guest.”  It’s a really great read.  You can read it here. On a side note this link just happens to be the 100th entry to the Hoof&Hide Magnolia group.


Oh yeah!  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

New Sun Japanese Covers

I found an interesting blog that’s sole purpose appears to be showing off the covers of books.  In the most recent post the blogger posted the Japanese Covers to the Books of the New Sun.  I personally wouldn’t mind adding them to my own collection.  They are designed very well.  I will, however, be adding them to the cover gallery soon.

Convention Finder

Here is a cool little site I found during my daily blog readings.  It’s a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Finder.  You just drop in your zip code and it finds the conventions taking place (or going to take place or perhaps even already took place) closest to you.  Here’s the link.

F&SF Posts Memorare

Fantasy and Science Fiction has “Memorare” up and available for reading.  Not sure for how long but if you missed their April ’07 “Gene Wolfe” issue than here is your chance to read the novella that was nominated for a Nebula Award.

Three Good Blogs

If your a reader of Gene Wolfe then chances are you also enjoy reading and or discussing a variety of other topics relating to history, religion and literature to keep your mind broadened and informed.  That in mind I have a few blogs I’d like to share, whose intelligent, Wolfe reading authors are regularly posting on a variety of fascinating topics that many of you may find worth reading.  Here they are :

La Explanada de Avente
Claw of the Conciliator 
The Mumpsimus 

I’d also like to thank the three individuals who run these blogs for sending Hoof & Hide a lot of good traffic by including me in their network of links.  Please check their sites out.