Alzabo Soup Podcast

I’ve recently started listening to a new Wolfe themed podcast called Alzabo Soup that I’ve found both enjoyable and insightful. The hosts of the show, (Phillip and Andrew) keep the show light-hearted and fun while diving deep into their interpretations of Wolfe’s work. Currently, they’re covering one of my own personal favorites, “The Sorcerer’s House,” so it’s been a personal treat to hear what they’ve come up with.

It’s always exciting to see other people not just enjoying Wolfe’s work but giving back to the community of Wolfe fans out there. If you’re a fellow Wolfe fan then definitely give them a listen. Pick up a copy of “The Sorcerer’s House” if you haven’t already read it and follow along, emailing your own ideas and interpretations to them. It’s good to see these kinds of projects out there and definitely worth supporting.

Recently On The Wolfe Front

MIT Technology Review has a great interview with Gene Wolfe. The opening touches on some more recent developments in his personal life and then goes on to ask him a lot of standard questions that writers are usually asked in interviews like this one. Though Wolfe does a great job at being his entertaining self and tosses us a few gems.

Chris Gerwel guest writes and easy that examines Gene Wolfe as “The Reliably Unreliable Author” on A Dribble of Ink. It really delves into his history, style and influences quite well.

Last week I discovered (for the first time myself) that “The Shadow of The Torturer” exists in comic book format. Three issues of an unfinished series of seven were published back in 1991. The covers are pretty amazing and I’ll be adding them to the Flickr gallery.

Hoof & Hide is Moving To Posterous

I’ve made some big changes recently and will be permanently  moving Hoof & Hide from wordpress to Posterous.  To make the change easy I’ve registered the domain name  I’ve grown very fond of Posterous and am looking forward to continue updating Hoof and Hide through that service!


LINK:  Hoof & Hide

The Very Best of Gene Wolfe

PS Publishing has something special due out later this year for the serious Gene Wolfe collector.  A collection of thrity-two of Wolfe’s best short stories all in one volume entitled, “The Very Best of Gene Wolfe.” It includes a rare piece called, “Christmas Inn” and a forward by Kim Stanley Robinson.

A Kindle of Wolfe

Last week announced the newest version of their Kindle eBook reader.   Being curious as to how many Gene Wolfe books were available for the Kindle I did a quick search and I have to say it was more than I expected (it was also exciting to see Michael Andre-Driussi’s 2nd Edition Lexicon Urthus available as well).   Still, the entire selection of Gene Wolfe books available for the Kindle are all books that are still in print.  My personal belief is that eBook Readers should be used as an inexpensive way to revive all of those out-of-print books that have become difficult to put one’s hands on.  All that being said, I wanted to highlight a beautiful feature on the website that allows the viewer to request certain titles be made available for the Kindle.  All you have to do is click on the I’d like to read this book on Kindle link located on the left side of the book page you’ve pulled up on and it will inform the book’s publisher you’d like to see this title available for the Kindle.  I imagine if enough requests go through than more titles will be made available.  Even though there are plenty of used printed copies of Wolfe’s work available in used bookstores across the globe it would still be nice to access to so many of his out-of-print titles in an easy to buy and download format that fits nicely on one easy to carry reader.

Ma.gnolia Group Lost

It appears that has crashed and lost all of it’s data leaving me with the task of rebuilding my repository of Gene Wolfe links on a different social bookmarking site.  I apologize for the temporary feature loss and will keep you updated with my progress in restoring it.  Until then, any Gene Wolfe links you would like to email me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

A Year of the Solar Cycle

John KlimaChristopher Rowe, Mark Teppo and William Shunn have started the Gene Wolfe Book Club with the goal to read one book from Wolfe’s Solar Cycle a month and discuss them.  If you’ve been wanting to read or reread any of these books now might be a great time to join them in their New Year’s Resolution.

Sci Fi Wire Interview & WindyCon

Great new interview with Wolfe on Sci Fi Wire about “An Evil Guest” and he happens to give away the names of his next two books towards the end.  Also, I hear he will be attending the 35th WindyCon on November 14-16th as well.

Ultan’s Library Updates

Ultan’s Library, a resource website for the study Gene Wolfe, recently republished an essay by Michael Andre-Driussi, called The Death of Catherine the Weal and Other Stories.  It was originally published in 1992 and was intended to be a sort of “overture” for the original Lexicon Urthus.  

They also have begun constructing a new design for their site which so far looks great.  It’s always awesome to see well put together sites like this one dedicated to the work of Gene Wolfe.  I’ll be visiting often.