Gene Wolfe Cover Gallery Update

I added some new covers to the Gene Wolfe cover gallery recently. Among them are some really fantastic Finnish covers. I wish I had the ability to collect these beautiful editions.

The Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe

Book Cover – A Borrowed Man now has some correlating cover art with the upcoming Wolfe novel, “A Borrowed Man.” I’ve added it to the cover art Flickr gallery. Looks intriguing.

Gene Wolfe – A New Yoker Page Turner

The New Yorker’s Page Turner section is hosting great little write up on Gene Wolfe by Peter Bebergal suitably entitled, Sci-Fi’s Difficult Genius. It’s the first time that I’ve seen someone really question why such a skillful author has dodged the current pop-culture craze for fantasy and science fiction. Something I’ve also always wondered. It was a great read and I always love seeing Wolfe brought into the spotlight by major news publications and talented writers.

Next Gene Wolfe Book Out In October 2015

I’ve been quite out of the loop lately and just saw on Ultan’s Library that the next Gene Wolfe book, A Borrowed Man, has been listed on Amazon with a release date of October 20th, 2015. According to a recent interview with Robert K. Elder of the Chicago Tribune he’s also already started writing the book’s sequel.

A Borrowed Man on Amazon
A Conversation With Gene Wolfe on Chicago Tribune

The interview gives mention that he’s still open to returning to the Urth Cycle universe. As I finish up my 3rd read of the Books of The New Sun, that’s something I would definitely appreciate seeing. His world building is nothing short of incredible.

Recently On The Wolfe Front

MIT Technology Review has a great interview with Gene Wolfe. The opening touches on some more recent developments in his personal life and then goes on to ask him a lot of standard questions that writers are usually asked in interviews like this one. Though Wolfe does a great job at being his entertaining self and tosses us a few gems.

Chris Gerwel guest writes and easy that examines Gene Wolfe as “The Reliably Unreliable Author” on A Dribble of Ink. It really delves into his history, style and influences quite well.

Last week I discovered (for the first time myself) that “The Shadow of The Torturer” exists in comic book format. Three issues of an unfinished series of seven were published back in 1991. The covers are pretty amazing and I’ll be adding them to the Flickr gallery.

Happy Birthday Gene Wolfe

A great celebration post for Gene Wolfe’s birthday over at Gollancz Blog! Here’s to many more years and many more fantastic stories!

An Honest Review of The Land Across

I have to admit I’ve been struggling getting through Wolfe’s latest novel, “The Land Across.” It’s not that it’s written poorly or that it isn’t interesting, it’s that it just doesn’t compete well with all the distractions in my life, and so I find myself in no hurry to return to its pages to find out what will happen next.

Stephen Case’s review of the book is the best and most honest I’ve seen so far. It’s a good read for any Wolfe fan (like myself) who might feel a little bad for not enjoying Wolfe’s newest work as much as they hoped they would.

The Time Traveler’s Almanac

Gene Wolfe has two pieces included in a new collection of short stories entitled, “The Time Traveler’s Alamac.” The book is described as being one of the largest collection of time travel stories ever published with “The Lost Pilgrim” and “Against The Lafayette Escadrille” being the Wolfe stories among its pages. Other authors in the collection include well known names such as Douglas Adams, H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Ray Bradbury. There are even some non-fiction articles for your reading pleasure. eBook, paperback and hard bound versions are due for release on March 18th, but there have been accounts of some Barnes & Nobles putting it on the shelves a bit early over the weekend.

Chicago Tribune Review of The Land Across

Gary K. Wolfe has some good things to say about Gene Wolfe’s latest novel, “The Land Across”.

Rest In Peace, Rosemary Wolfe

I don’t have much to say that others haven’t already. Only that as a husband myself I cannot comprehend how it must feel to lose not only the woman you love, but the greatest supporter of your goals and dreams. My brother and I met Gene and Rosemary at the 2010 Madcon convention in Madison, WI. All I can say is that if one ever wanted a perfect picture of what Love is, you’d have to look no further than those two.

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