Happy “Home Fires” Day

Home Fires” is released today!  Also, a new Decemberists album and larger iced coffees at Starbucks!  A rather good day all around for new stuff in my opinion.

A Quiet Couple of Months

There hasn’t been a lot of news coming down the pipes lately.   However, the mailing list has been full of a lot of great conversations and if you haven’t subscribed to it yet then head on over to Urth.net and sign up.  Everyone does a great job of answering questions and keeping the conversation rolling.  If you like to dissect Wolfe’s books than it’s certainly worth signing up for.

On a side note, I’ve always wondered where this mysterious page on urth.org came from.

Cassie Casey’s Song

Here’s something really cool I saw on the Urth mailing list today.  It’s a blog posting by a liturgical musician who is good friends with Gene Wolfe.  He writes about Wolfe using some of his lyrics in “An Evil Guest.”  It’s a really great read.  You can read it here. On a side note this link just happens to be the 100th entry to the Hoof&Hide Magnolia group.


Oh yeah!  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Wolfe and WoW

Here’s an interesting look at how Gene Wolfe’s work affects other aspects of the science fiction and fantasy genre.  There are at least 78 characters on the popular MMO World of Warcraft named Severian.  As a WoW player myself I always find this kind of thing interesting.  I named one of my own toons after a character from Latro in the Mist, Bittusilma.