Gene Wolfe Mentioned On Episode Of Fringe

It was quick, but it was there, and it paid a moment of homage to one of SF&F’s greatest writers. Episode 16 in season 4 of Fringe named dropped Gene Wolfe as well as his book Litany of The Long Sun.  I don’t actually watch the show, but I made sure to catch most of this episode just to see it for myself.


UPDATE:  Thanks to the crew for finding the clip!…

2 thoughts on “Gene Wolfe Mentioned On Episode Of Fringe

  1. Thanks for posting this! The crew managed to find a link to a clip of this scene!'s actually Lake of the Long Sun that’s mentioned, not Litany.) I got so fanboy excited when I saw it, I immediately transcribed it:Bookseller: Can I help you?Man: I hope so. The lady here is looking for a book called Lake of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe. Do you know him?Bookseller: Are you kidding me? I worship him! And a girl as beautiful as you who likes Sci Fi is a girl after my own heart. I’m Ed by the way.Woman: Olivia. Sorry, taken.Bookseller: All the best ones are. Story of my life. Ok, I’ve got the entire Solar Cycle, first edition. You want signed or unsigned?(And from there they ask him if he knows about a cuneiform symbol that they show him on a piece of paper and the clip ends.)So my guess is that this was a simple nod from the series writers to the s.f. community – maybe a little test of how erudite the bookseller’s (and their audience’s) knowledge is of one of the truly great works of modern s.f. (the Solar Cycle) – and that the reference doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot. Still, NICE TOUCH! And how cool is it that out of all the authors of s.f. they chose Wolfe, and that they chose a volume from Long Sun rather than the more obvious New Sun, and that he refers to the ENTIRE series, the Solar Cycle? And that the dude says he worships him, ha! Amazing.That made my week.


  2. Thank you for the excellent comment! I shouldn’t have waited so long to post about it, I might have remembered it was Lake and not Litany! :-)That was my guess as well, that the writers were throwing his name in there just to see if anyone noticed. I’m glad they did!


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