Ready For Madcon 2010

My brother and I are all set to attend MadCon 2010 this upcoming weekend and it’s pretty exciting to see all the discussion panels Gene Wolfe will be a part of.  Here’s a little list of them:

How to Break into Writing as a Profession
The Role of the Artist & Writer as Social Critic
Style or Substance
The Art of the Short Story
World Building 101: Creating the Setting for a Story

He’s also scheduled for a reading and signing.  For more info about Madcon 2010 be sure to check out their website.  If you plan on being there please shoot me an email.  I’m always happy to meet fellow fans!

One thought on “Ready For Madcon 2010

  1. Oh, I’m glad to hear that he’s recovered enough to attend. Hope you can get some info out of him about the new novel coming out in January.My advice: Seriously, take notes, especially regarding anything Mr. Wolfe says. I wish I had done that at the first two cons I saw him at, and now I barely remember what he said on those occasions. I took good notes at the next couple though, and I’m glad I have them for reference purposes.Please post a report after the con!

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