Gene Wolfe Guest at MadCon 2010

Gene Wolfe is on the guest list for this year’s MadCon.  It’s going to be held in Madison Wisconsin, September 24th-26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Click the link for more details.

I personally have never met Mr. Wolfe and hope to attend for my first opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Gene Wolfe Guest at MadCon 2010

  1. Hi. I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now, but I haven’t had a reason to comment until now.First off, I hope you get to see Gene Wolfe at MadCon 2010. I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but he’s recovering (reportedly slowly due to complications) from open heart surgery. (See and for details.) I’ve seen him twice at Balticon and once at DragonCon, and he was a fantastic guest each time.The main reason why I’m commenting is to ask your permission to upload your scan of the cover of _Storeys from the Old Hotel_ to I’m a Goodreads librarian, and there’s no picture of the cover of that edition on May I have your permission?Also, I was wondering if you were familiar with the WolfeWiki ( I’m a contributor there. Your insights would be much appreciated in the WolfeWiki.

  2. Hello Darthed, thank you for commenting! I am aware that Gene is recovering some surgery though I still have my fingers crossed that he’ll be able to attend MadCon. Virtually all of the covers in my flickr gallery I found scattered across the internet. A few are my own scans and a few others were donated but feel free to use what you like for I’ve recently activated a Goodreads account and would like to see all of Wolfe’s work have a good assortment of covers available for viewing!

  3. Great! I’ve added the cover to _Storeys from the Old Hotel_ (1988) to Goodreads. Thought I’d ask first because Flickr said "© All rights reserved by hoofandhide" on the picture, so I figured you had scanned that one yourself. I also added the scan of _Book of Days_ from your photostream. If there are any others you are keen to see added to Goodreads, just let me know or apply to be a Goodreads librarian yourself. (It’s easy to become one.)

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