A Kindle of Wolfe

Last week Amazon.com announced the newest version of their Kindle eBook reader.   Being curious as to how many Gene Wolfe books were available for the Kindle I did a quick search and I have to say it was more than I expected (it was also exciting to see Michael Andre-Driussi’s 2nd Edition Lexicon Urthus available as well).   Still, the entire selection of Gene Wolfe books available for the Kindle are all books that are still in print.  My personal belief is that eBook Readers should be used as an inexpensive way to revive all of those out-of-print books that have become difficult to put one’s hands on.  All that being said, I wanted to highlight a beautiful feature on the Amazon.com website that allows the viewer to request certain titles be made available for the Kindle.  All you have to do is click on the I’d like to read this book on Kindle link located on the left side of the book page you’ve pulled up on Amazon.com and it will inform the book’s publisher you’d like to see this title available for the Kindle.  I imagine if enough requests go through than more titles will be made available.  Even though there are plenty of used printed copies of Wolfe’s work available in used bookstores across the globe it would still be nice to access to so many of his out-of-print titles in an easy to buy and download format that fits nicely on one easy to carry reader.


One thought on “A Kindle of Wolfe

  1. I agree. That’s one of my biggest grips about the Kindle. The pricing is not that great and the back catalogue is terrible. If I could get out of print or old back catalogue stuff for really cheap (like $2) it would make the Kindle more interesting to me.

    I still have hang ups about the Kindle beyond pricing though.


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