Ma.gnolia added to Hoof & Hide

One of the largest complications I face with running a fan site like this is how to organize it.  My goal here was to create and maintain a list of links to online resources about Gene Wolfe.  Ultimately I wanted to created a kind of “Gateway” website that other fans can use to easily find the information they seek.  Originally  I set out to create a series of different pages (articles, interviews, etc.) with links that aligned with the page topic.  I found this to be difficult to maintain and decided it would be best to seek out an alternative way to organize links.  Luckily Social Bookmarking exists.  I chose for it’s ability to create specific groups of links that multiple people could contribute to.  So far I like the results and hope to get other Gene Wolfe fans involved with the growth of this site.  So with that, I’d like to introduce you to the all new Resources page which contains key tags that will begin your search through a repository of Gene Wolfe articles, essays, interviews and more.  Please feel free to create a account and contribute new links to the Hoof & Hide Group.


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